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Welcome To BSSJ

Business and Social Sciences Journal (BSSJ) is an open access, peer-reviewed, and refereed journal published by Research Excellence Institute, South Africa. Business & Social Sciences Journal (BSSJ) aims at promoting an interdisciplinary approach by covering a large range of merging ideas from business and social sciences. The objective of BSSJ is to become a leading African based Journal that provides an intellectual platform for scholars worldwide to share knowledge.

BSSJ Recruitment of Reviewers

Business and Social Sciences Journal (BSSJ) is a bi-annual peer reviewed journal published by Research Excellence Institute.

BSSJ editorial board is recruiting reviewers for the journal. English will be used as the language of work in BSSJ and the internet as the medium of work. Please be advised that it is a voluntary activity and hence no financial remuneration will be given to the reviewers.

Interested reviewers are kindly requested to fill up the prescribed application form below and send it to the editor at   / Download the application form for reviewers.

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